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Dynamic FAQ for Odoo

developed by Bloopark

Mercedes Scenna

What are the FAQ?

Solid user experience, ease of use, intuitive navigation. These are the main topics in our addons. The FAQ is meant to evacuate questions from users by navigating our documentation, what we serve in our FAQ. Since it used mostly in every site, specially for ecommerce ones, the documentation must be clear and user friendly.

What makes it dynamic?

On the other side, the easier it is for the companies to build a good FAQ, the better it is for their customers to get good information. 

That is why we built an addon that creates FAQ dynamically. What does this mean exactly? Based on the fact that Odoo allows you to edit the frontend as pleased, the companies can write their questions and answers in a plain new page, and based on h3 and h4 headings and text. When the page is saved, it will create a side navigation where the h3 are main items and the h4 are submenu items. Having the side navigation built dynamically allows the companies to be self sufficient when writing their FAQs. Following the structure of main title as categories, subtitles as questions, and text as answers, the FAQ can be complete, clear and customer oriented.

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How does it look like?

Everything sounds great, but what does it look like? how does it actually work? Here is a video where you can see the FAQ addon in action. The side navigation is fixed on scroll so it is always accessible for navigation through the questions, the menu items become active on scroll AND it is completely responsive.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

About Mercedes Scenna

The sassy frontend skilled/ She does not only coding but also conceptualizing and drawing/ Traveling and photography is her passion.