What my 2 preferred sports taught me and how do I use that in my daily work life.

Bruno Gomes

I am a fan of sports since I was born. Two sports were part of my daily life in my childhood, football and swimming. On one hand swimming is mostly an individual sport, on the other hand football is a teamwork sport. Both have contributed so much to my life as I will try to explain further on.

It is not hard to understand why I like football, I am Brazilian and also a big fan of the best club in the world: “Corinthians”. hehe
Swimming was taught to me by my dad when I was a child, and 3 times per week I took classes in a Swimming pool in Sao Paulo.
After several years of training and practicing both sports, I could notice the benefits, not only for my health, but also on my way to manage and handle issues in my life.

Swimming is a sport which can be practiced mostly individually and to swim, you don’t need many accessories, which makes the practice easier. You only need water and yourself, even though swimming googles help. :)

The biggest lesson that swimming can give is to organize yourself in order to reach a goal.
Let me explain: every time when I started a swimming class, I discussed with my teacher what would be the goal of the class e.g. 500 meters butterfly + 1.000 meters freestyle.
Then I planned how to reach the goal, perhaps saving my energy while doing the freestyle to be able to perform the butterfly properly. My Swimming teacher, as an expert, usually suggested and oriented which style I should focus according to my strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, she was correcting my errors while moving legs and arms in the water, listening to someone more experienced than you in a certain topic is a very important virtue.

Football, best sport in the world. :)
Mostly teamwork, Football proves to us that no matter how good a member of the team can be, if the whole team is not good, the team will never succeed. E.g. Cristiano Ronaldo in Portugal (Euro 2016 was pure luck), Ibrahimovich in Sweden or Eto in Camaroes.

Football shows us the importance of group work. I remember, that during a championship in my high school, among all the teams, my one was not the best, but we beat a superstar team because each member of their team was playing to be the best player, and we were playing to be the best team. Nowadays we can also see how the German Football team plays, they do not have Neymar, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or Suarez, but they have a consolidated team and they did not only win the world cup, but also, they won against Brazil for 7x1.
Related to subject group work we can also mention the trust on each team member. During a football match you need to care about your responsibility e.g. score goals, organize the middle field or defend the goal. No one can do everything, it is impossible, you need to focus on your job and trust that your team mates will do their job as best as they can.

While working as a project manager I face the same issues on a daily basis. Usually I have to reach a daily or weekly goal: develop a new feature or improve a current method / behavior. Organization is my first task every morning. I usually take 10 to 15 minutes to define what I want to reach by the end of the day and how I want to do that, considering my strengths and weaknesses. For some tasks I need the help of people with more experience than me, then I invite them for a short meeting during the day and try to learn as much as possible from them, so I learn something valuable and avoid asking the same issue a second time. Shared knowledge is always important.
The group work is really important, during these short meetings, the knowledge shared adds value for me, for my colleagues, for my company by having more skilled workers and for the client by having a better product.

About Bruno Gomes

He is taking care that the bank account is not getting red. He loves tee(new) as much as he loves football.