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A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has the task of directing, documenting and improving the relationships and interactions between (potential) customers and the company. It is a strategy that allows for systematic processes, an increase in the company's success. In general, the goal of a company is to sell products and services. A CRM supports the whole in the short term and long term, so that customers of the company are completely satisfied with the service.


The app "Odoo CRM" (customer management) is no longer integrated in the App Sales since Odoo 11, but independently. The reason for the clear separation is that processes around the customer acquisition (Leads, Pipelines) should be separated from the orders in the area of ​​sales (Quotations, orders and invoices).

Another innovation is that several next activities can be planned, not just one. Also, when integrating the live chat, visitors can now be converted into a lead using a key combination.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


Leads are the top level in Odoo CRM. All e-mail and telephone inquiries are received here for processing afterwards. To reach the area of Leads, go to "Odoo Apps > CRM > Pipeline > Leads“. If the point is not visible, you must activate it. You do this by going to "Configuration > Settings" and put the hook in leads.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

The first overview in the prospect area is a list view, with all requests received. The normal procedure is that you as a seller now have to make decisions. To do this, click into the individual requests and answer the inquiries, improve the entries such as address, telephone, etc., and assign the request to a seller. What makes Odoo CRM so strong is now the ability to turn a Lead into an opportunity (pipeline) to better control the sale of products or services.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


The Pipeline (Opportunity) is the heart of the Odoo CRM. The dashboard displays a Kanban view, where the default columns are: New, Qualified, Proposition, Won. After a prospect has been converted into an opportunity, it appears in the "New" column. Now follow the further steps of the sales process by clicking in a request.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

You can now add more basic data, send messages, enter a meeting with the client, add internal notes, or just schedule activities. Activities include email, call, meeting, to do, quote or call demo. But you can customize the activities for your company. All activities and messages are listed on the right side and also displayed. As soon as the request develops positively, it can be moved to another column in the kanban view (dashboard) (Qualified Proposition).


A meeting can be entered in activities or directly by clicking on the "Meetings" button. Here you can now invite different people and send an invitation. The button then displays the number of meetings, and next to scheduled activities, the meeting date and information become visible.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


A core function of CRM is to be able to create offers directly from the sales opportunity. It's easy to do that by going to "new quotations“ in the top left corner and then searching for and inserting the product or service under the "Order Lines" tab. Then adjust all other data (expiration Date, Pricelist, etc.) and then click on the "Send by E-Mail" or "Send Letter" button.

In the next step, the quotation, within the opportunity, is displayed in the "Quotations" section and in the main menu under "Pipeline > Quotations“. Once the customer has accepted the offer, you can confirm the offer as an order. To do this, go to the offer and click on the button of the same name "Confirm Sale“. After that, the sales order is listed in the Sales app under Orders.


In the Customers section you can see the customers of the company and all other persons and companies who are suppliers, for example. There is not much more to say about this area.


Lead Assignation gives you an overview of your sales team (CRM > Lead Management> Lead Assignation) and instantly see how many leads have been assigned to each seller. This should help in the ongoing process to assign inquiries to the right sellers who still have capacity. In addition, you can add or remove new sellers in the Lead Assignation area. Otherwise, this area has more rudimentary function. If you click into a seller, you can change the sales team, the maximum number of leads (this affects the color summary graphic), you can send messages and leave internal notes.

In order to make the area "Lead Management" with its sub-points Lead Assignation & Team Assignation visible, you need administrator rights.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


The Team Assignment section can be found under "CRM > Leads Management> Team Assignation". Here the different sales channels are defined and the individual sellers are assigned. The first overview shows the different sales channels. Click into a sales channel to see the assigned sellers, unmatched leads, and number of opportunities. Furthermore, you can send messages to all team members or leave notes here.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


In the reporting area, you can view a wide variety of reports. These include: statistics sales contacts, site visitor ranking, statistics opportunity allocation, partner analysis, opportunities (pipeline) evaluation, activity evaluation and an evaluation of the various distribution channels.


Under the navigation item Configuration you can change the basic settings of the area CRM. The first point is "Settings". Here you can add the prospect section, which will then be listed within the navigation item Pipeline. Also you can add the phone validation and the customer autocomplete.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Sales Channels

The next area within the configuration is "Sales Channels". Here you will find the same information as in the section "Team Assignation", which we have explained two paragraphs earlier.


The activity types can be found in the areas of Leads and Pipline. Here, sellers at "Plan Activities" take the next steps in selling the product / service and can choose from a selection of activity types. If you would like to add new activity types or see all available ones, go to the area "Configuration > Activity Types".


Under Lead Tags, you can see all the current tags that have been specified within the prospects and opportunities. You can also create new tags here and remove unnecessary ones.


In this section, you can add (and remove) new opt-out reasons that can be selected in the Opportunities pane when a request is marked as Unsuccessful.


The "Partner Level" is displayed within the areas of customers and companies under the tab "Partner Assignment". Under "Configuration  Partner Level" you can add new levels or remove old ones. Usually they are names such as gold, silver, bronze.

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