Odoo 12

Innovations & improvements in Odoo 12

Freddy Czaja

We have compiled for you the latest innovations and improvements for Odoo 12. After releasing the official release notes, which we expect for September or October 2018, we will be presenting the complete changes in our blog. Odoo 12 is expected to be available in October 2018.

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Innovations in Odoo 12

Document Management

Introduction of the Odoo App Document Management, which enables an improved and more comprehensive management of all documents starting with the Odoo 12 version.

Odoo Studio

In Odoo 12 Studio can fields now be dragged and dropped. This allows for easier editing of applications and, concomitantly, the reduction of costly programming work.


Improved filter settings that dashboards be more intuitive and delivere details faster.

Barcode interface (UI)

The changes are intended to improve the stock flow within warehouse management.

Multi site

Changes are designed to allow multiple Odoo-managed companies to use one Odoo Web site at a time without having to make major changes to the Nginx configurations.

Website & online shop

Change of the website and the online shop to Bootstrap 4. For example, the grid system has been extended, resulting in greater flexibility.


It is expected that importing data will be easier and faster.

App icons

Redesign of the icons to improve the intelligibility.


In Odoo 12 it is now possible to drag and drop attachments into an email or chat.

App Discuss

Possibility to better manage the individual channels by adding moderation rights.

App Expenses

In the Odoo 12 Enterprise app expense has been added the possibility to show the invoice in a single expense entry at the same time (right side).

Payment provider

The payment provider "alipay" has been added.

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