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Odoo ERP offers small and medium-sized businesses everything they need to handle their business processes. In our article we would like to introduce you to some Odoo features & benefits, as well as to describe several apps (modules).

Odoo CMS - a big picture



Odoo is browser-based and can be used worldwide. You only need the Internet, a PC, tablet or smartphone and a browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari. This makes the system independent of expensive local installations and devices. And that's precisely where another big advantage comes from: people can work together in ERP worldwide.


All Odoo sections are organized in apps that can be activated as needed. The advantage of organizing in apps is that only the ERP areas in the backend that you really need are available. Standard apps include: Sales, Purchasing, Finance, CRM and Warehousing. In Odoo Community all apps are available, in Odoo Online and Odoo Enterprise you have to book the respective apps. 


Many companies have processes that can not be mapped in a standard ERP. For these companies it is important that the ERP can be adapted to the processes and thus supports the company in its growth. Odoo has it all because Odoo is open source. You have to be able to represent a specific workflow? No problem: we as Odoo partners realize it through all phases of software development - Odoo conception, development and design.


Odoo has a integradet Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that promises companies more orders and higher sales. For visualization, you can access table views, but also modern Kanban views. Through this organized structure, you keep an eye on important customers, requests & projects and never lose control. One feature here is the automatic documentary feature, which hides under each customer and every request. 


With the version Odoo 9 in the year 2015 an enterprise version was released beside the version Odoo Community. This means that Odoo is no longer completely royalty free, but only in the version Odoo Community.


Odoo is available in the versions Odoo Enterprise, Odoo Community and Odoo Online. Each version offers companies benefits that are crucial to their selection. Odoo Enterprise as an example has an improved finance area, a nicer backend design and is also responsive for all devices available - these were just three of the myriad features!


Your business grows & Odoo grows with you. Freely scalable means: Odoo can be expanded at any time, just as your company needs it - step by step. This essentially includes the adaptation and expansion of Odoo Apps, but also the development of new apps. In addition, the number of users is scalable - the way the business needs it. This does not apply to Odoo Online, here the number of users is limited to 50.


One of the biggest problems for online shops is the connection to a ERP. Odoo is not just an ERP, but an ERP with an integrated online shop. That makes Odoo particularly strong, since no second software is needed and also the connector is omitted. If your company uses Magento as an online shop software, the Odoo Magento Connector reliably connects both systems. 


With Odoo, you can also realize your corporate website, as it has an integrated content management system. So you dont need a additional CMS software such as Wordpress, Joomla or Typo3 and can publish and manage blog articles, news, job postings with Odoo ERP. 


Odoo has a worldwide community that develops new apps or features every day. This makes Odoo even stronger, because 2,000 Odoo developers are better than 150. If developers have a problem, this will be solved in many cases jointly; a platform for this is for example Odoo Github. It should of course be mentioned here that Odoo has over 300 employees as a company (Odoo S.A.), of which about 150 are developers.

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