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Odoo Online is an offer from Odoo S.A. It is aimed at companies that want to work "out-of-the-box" - that is: the software and hardware is ready to use immediately after installation and without further adjustments. The installations are hosted on Odoo servers and managed by Odoo - Odoo Online is therefore a pure SaaS service (Software as a Service). The offer is of course not free, because there are monthly fees based on the number of users and apps used. Furthermore, implementation service and support are costly.


Small and medium-sized companies are the target group of Odoo Online. It is important for most companies that Odoo Online is "out of the box" and therefore ready for immediate use. Standard processes such as sales, purchasing, warehousing, finance or personnel cover almost the basic version of Odoo. If a company needs special features that need to be programmed into Odoo, they should switch to Odoo Enterprise or Odoo Community, as Odoo Online is not Customizable.

Another important reason why companies opt for Odoo Online is that Odoo S.A. manages the complete hardware and software on their own servers, thus ensuring data security and functional reliability. This eliminates the need for companies to hire an agency or to employ an internal department that handles software and hardware. The number of users is limited to max. 50 limited.

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The license costs for Odoo Online are calculated according to the number of users and according to the apps used. The cost per user currently amounts to 22 euros per month (with annual payment). The cost per app is different. They start at 8 euros (App Sales) and amount to 48 euros for example Odoo Studio (in annual payments). Additional integrations and free-to-use apps can cost a more. Prices Odoo Online.


- For small and medium-sized businesses
- License fee
- Max. Number of users 50
- Hardware & Software Administration Odoo S.A.
- SaaS (Software as a Service)
- Out-of-the-box available

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