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Functional specification


Freddy Czaja

The functional specification contains in concrete form how the contractor wants to solve the requirements of the client (what, how & with what). The creation is based on the functional specifications. Other designations for the functional specifications are: functional spec, specs, functional specifications document (FSD), functional requirements specification.

Before creating the functional specification

The preparation of the specification is associated with personnel and financial effort. Therefore, the framework should always be clarified before creating. These include the time frame, budget, technical and organizational conditions, as well as the scope of content.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

TASK OF Functional specification

The goal of the functional specification is to show the potential client the own solution in detail and to deliver a binding document. Together with the specifications, it should create a common understanding that eliminates misunderstandings and enables the efficient realization of the project. After accepting the functional specification, a work contract or contract of sale is usually concluded.

contract award
Technical design
Decrease of the final product


If the requirements and all that is related to it are not properly defined and understood, it leads to a product with which the customer is dissatisfied. For this reason, the common understanding of the goals and requirements is a guarantee for a successful project. The functional specification is often part of the contract between the client and the contractor. It should therefore be judicially reviewed by both sides.


Each software development company has its own structure of the functional specification, which refers to the offered services. Now follows a possible structure of the specification.

- Reason for the project (starting situation)
- destination (objectives, mandatory criteria, desired criteria)
- Product use (areas of application, target groups, operating conditions)
- Product functions (list of requirements from the user's point of view)
- Services (requirements for the respective function)
- Product environment (technical environment, hardware, software, interfaces)
- Product data (description of long-term data)
- quality requirements (completeness of functions, quality characteristics)
- user interface (layout)
- development environment (software, hardware, development interfaces)
- Other requirements
- Key data of the project (sections of the project, project plan)
- Tests (test cases per function, quality, properties)

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