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Why it will be more important to optimize for smartphone and the mobile search

Freddy Czaja


Google announced at the end of 2016 that the Mobile Index will replace the Desktop Index as a "primary index" - that was basically a bang, but somehow expected, just not in this way. On the Point: the mobile Ranking will have an impact on the desktop ranking and the mobile ranking is more important for the Google Search index.

The fact that smartphones are becoming more and more important for internet use has already been suggested for years, as search queries and the use of smartphones in the area of ​​the Internet have continued to increase and have broken through the 50% mark, according to Google. Online shops wich using Google Analytics have known this for years. However, the fact that Google is creating facts probably also arouses the last reactionaries in the e-commerce business. For a lot of consumers today it is just normal to buy with the mobile phone. "Action" is announced!

What is mobile and what desktop? Mobile includes only smartphones, Desktop also includes the tablet device class (in terms of Google Search).

Odoo CMS - a big picture

What have online shops to do,  in order to keep the rankings and visibility?

Basically, the entire repertoire of search engine optimization must be used so that an online shop in the mobile Google search and thus in the desktop variant does not lose visibility. We have summarized some of the most important points for you:


Online shops should not offer a slimmed-down version for smartphones, this refers especially to the content, because it decides most if a page for a particular keyword entwines. Who uses Responsive Web Design, has the advantage here, since the content to the various devices adapt - this way, by the way, Google also favors.

Page Speed

Google attaches great importance to websites being loaded very quickly. Server response times of less than 200 ms (0.2 seconds) are required - the page speed is one of the most important ranking factors. Criteria can include: fast server, optimized images, above the fold, reduce browser caching, JavaScript CSS and HTML, gzip compression and avoid landing pages redirects.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Usability & Design

Usability is more than important in e-commerce (and for other website) - but Errors are not forgiven in Mobile e-commerce. Consumers who can not cope leave the online shop without buying a product. Here, all areas such as login, navigation, product pages or checkout should be checked to see if they are really good to use. It is also important to know that the so-called "Time on Site" must be kept high, so that the keyword with which the consumer has entered the landing page is also relevant for the landing page (product page) and thus, in the optimal case, in the search results continues to increase. The same goes for the design; It should be fun to shop in the online shop - that does the user good and the search results of the search engines. Positioning Principle: A company needs to be distinguishable from the competition - and design has a big part in it.

Odoo CMS - a big picture



The rule: Anyone who has ordered once with the smartphone and recognizes the comfort that makes it over again! Online shops with many regular customers benefit even more from m-commerce and have the opportunity to retain their customers with good usability. Amazon also does it here!

A typical case: The product was put into the shopping cart when researching on the desktop or tablet PC and is bought in the evening in bed - a prerequisite: the consumer is a regular customer of the online shop and shopping is quick and easy. Amazon, of course, has a much easier life as they have a huge range of products and shopping is extremely convenient for customers. But the chance to turn customers into regular customers is what most online shops have - if the strategy is right.

In the ideal case, it must be achieved that the customer orders via smartphone in their own online shop - with a very good buying experience - then a big step has been taken towards customer loyalty and successful m-commerce. How to achieve this?
Through usability, inform and online marketing ...


If consumers are increasingly looking with smartphone for products and going shopping, then you can pick them up right there, right? It must therefore created online marketing touch points that bring the company back into the awareness. These include: e-mail marketing, social media marketing, AdWords with banner / text ads and of course SEO; There are enough contact points during the Customer Journey. 


Consumers who are using their smartphone for the first time in their online shop can be seduced by good usability & design into a conversion. Above all, the checkout process is the biggest hurdle. Above all, consumers want to shop quickly and conveniently (at the best possible price, as well as high security); Therefore, it is ideal if a customer account (on the desktop or tablet PC) has been created, so that the checkout process is fast.

Otherwise, usability and overview in the checkout are basic requirements, so that the bounce rate is relatively low - this is especially true for new customers, because they have the lowest attention span. It should be noted: automatic entry check, transparent costs (shipping costs), displaying the process steps, trust and security, trust symbols, product details and product image and much more - the whole of course also applies to the desktop version. 

TRENDS 2017/2018

+ Individualized Customer Journey & Evaluation
+ Improve customer relationship management
+ Food market becomes e-commerce and m-commerce market
+ Same-day delivery offers
+ Improve shopping experience
+ Trade from B2B to B2C

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