Odoo CMS - a big picture



Freddy Czaja

Odoo comes in three variants: Odoo Community, Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Online. They all have different strengths and also differ within the costs. This article will explain you the differences of the versions, in relation to the costs.


Odoo Community is royalty free. A majority of companies use this version to save the annual cost per user license, which in the Odoo Enterprise version, for example, amounts to about 300 euros per user. Also, many companies use Odoo Community, since it was introduced Odoo Enterprise only from version Odoo 8. There is nothing to be said, because Odoo Community already has a lot of features that are more than sufficient for most companies.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


Odoo Online is aimed at small and medium sized businesses with a user base of 1-50 users. The technical control of the system is left to Odoo itself, making it a classic SaaS (Software as a Service) business. Odoo Online is hosted on cloud servers by Odoo S.A. and is out-of-the-box ready for immediate use.

Odoo Online can be used from a user and an app (module) and costs in this constellation 0 Euro (which was formerly called "Odoo free"). From another used app the full price for all used apps is calculated. The price of the apps is independent of the number of users - clearly a plus for Odoo in contrast to SAP. The prices of the individual apps (standard) usually vary between 8 euros and 64 euros. Certain apps can also cost more. Care must be taken to ensure that the costs for apps and user licenses decrease as a result of an annual form of payment. The offered extra integrations such as Ebay or DHL can be booked from 30 euros, but in order to maintain their full functionality, they require certain apps that need to be booked (sales, storage, invoices) - but these are usually standard apps that you need anyway.

An Odoo Online user license currently costs between 18 and 27,50 Euro. The price depends on current Odoo offers and of the monthly or annual payment. The prices for user licenses and apps can be calculated in the Odoo Price Calculator.


Odoo Enterprise is the flagship of Odoo. Companies that want to use the full functionality of Odoo, with the possibility Odoo specially adapted to business processes (customizing), the Enterprise version is the best solution. Note that you should have Odoo Enterprise hosted and maintained by an Odoo agency, or Odoo itself. The main difference to Odoo Online is not just customization, but that Odoo Enterprise can use more than 50 users in Odoo Online is limited to a maximum of 50 users.

On the costs: Earlier (around 2016) all standard apps like sales, CRM or stock were free of charge - only the user licenses were paid; the minimum was 5 user licenses per Odoo Enterprise installation a 25 euros per month (125 euros per month = 1500 euros per year). This has changed recently.

Currently you pay the same prices for Odoo Enterprise as for Odoo Online. This means that companies pay per user a user license of about 22 euros per month (prices vary within the current offers and monthly / annual payment). The minimum number of user licenses per Odoo Enterprise installation has been reduced since 10/2017 by 5 users to one user. Furthermore, for each used standard app, the price advertised in the Odoo price calculator (monthly / annual) is due. The prices of the apps vary between about 8 € and 64 €. The prices for apps are independent of the number of user licenses.

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