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Freddy Czaja

In this Odoo tutorial we want to show you how to create and sell "Product Sets" in Odoo 9. Here it is important that the sales, the quantity of the set product and the individual products change. Furthermore, the individual products must be listed in the delivery note or in the area of delivery, so that they can be properly debited in the warehouse.


In the first step, the individual products required for the set are created. (If the products are already integrated in the Odoo warehouse, you can skip the step.) To do this, go to "Sales (top navigation) > Product templates" and click on "Create". Now enter the name of the product, select Product Type "Stockable Product", add a price, and perform a manual stock posting to have a positive product quantity in the warehouse. These steps you have to do for all the product in the set.


First, go to "Sales (Top Navi) > Product Templates" and click on "Create". Now enter the name of the set product, select Product Type "Stockable Product", ad a price, and perform a manual stock posting so that there is a positive amount of product in Odoo stock.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Bill of materials

In the product there is the area Bill of materials "BOM", here the individual products are assigned to the set product. To do this, click on the "BOM" button and then on "Create". Now set the button "Bill of materials type" to "Ship this product as a set of components" and enter the individual products under the tab "Components" and save. From this point on, the set product is available.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


We will simulate a sale in this step. Go to "Odoo > Sales > Sales Orders" and click "Create". There, select a customer and click on "add a product" under the "Order lines" tab. Now select the product set in the newly opened window, adjust the order quantity and save. In the next step, you can confirm and save the order.


Once the order has been confirmed, the sales order will show the "Delivery" area. Click here as "Warehouse worker" and see under the tab Operations the individual products of the set. The next step is that you enter the number of pieces leaving the warehouse under "Done". From this point on, the number of products in the warehouse has also changed.

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