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Freddy Czaja

Price lists are very important for companies in the retail sector to assign different prices to different customer groups. In Odoo, prices can be changed globally for product categories, products and product variants. The price lists are then generally assigned to customers or customer groups or added to quotations or orders.

If you can not see the price list area, you have to activate it in the navigation system on the right under "Configuration> Settings> Sales> Pricing". To do so, put a check mark in "Multiple Sales prices per product" and then activate the radio button "Prices computed from formulas (discounts, margins, roundings)".

Odoo CMS - a big picture


The price list area can be found under "Odoo > Sales (top navigation) > Price lists (side navigation)" under Configuration. Here you will probably already see pricelists. We now want to create a new price list first, so go to the blue button "Create". Now enter a descriptive name first and then enter information such as "country groups". Then, under the Headline "Pricelist Items", click on "Add Item".

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Now you have the option of setting the price list on a global level, on a product category, on a single product or on product variants. As soon as you select product categories, product or product variants, a new input field opens in which you must make your selection. On the right side, enter a minimum order quantity for this price list to become active. Below this, you can specify the start date and end date if the price list is to be activated for a certain period of time.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


Fixed Price: Under Price Calculation, the item "Fixed Price" is the first selectable point. It is usually chosen when it comes to a product.
Percentage: The simplest method is "Percentage", here you simply enter the discount. For example, 20%.
Formula: It gets harder if you select "Formula". It is important to note that the correct setting is made in "Based on", that e.g. be "general price". The central element, however, is "discount" with which you will probably work mainly. Here you simply enter a percentage that is then set to "Based on". Otherwise you will find the settings options "rounding method", min. Span and max. Span.


Now you have successfully created your first price list and you just have to apply it. We differentiate between price lists that are applied permanently for certain customers and between price lists which are temporary or refer to a product or service.


For merchants, it's important to be able to sort customers into groups to give them a standard discount. For example, you can create a "Customer premium 10% discount" price list and then assign it to the respective customer. To do this, go to "Sales > Customers" and select the appropriate customer from the list and click on it. Now go to edit and click on the tab "Sales and Purchasing". Then you can select and activate the corresponding price list under "Sales > Salesprice list". As soon as you make an offer for the customer, this new price list is immediately active.

Odoo CMS - a big picture


A specific price list is often chosen when creating an offer. Go to "Sales > Quotations" and then "Create". Now you can select the corresponding price list in the right column next to "Price list". It is important to ensure that when changing a particular price list, the old prices of already created offers remain. It is advisable to delete offers already created with a price list for products or services and create new ones.

Odoo CMS - a big picture

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