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Freddy Czaja

The page load of a website is one of the most important factors in the good ranking in Google Search. But why is it like that? Firstly, Google wants to have answered queries as perfectly as possible and secondly, that the landing pages have a really good usability - and this is crucial that all pages of the site are loaded quickly, so that users can effectively surf.


The so-called Pagespeed refers to the performance of a website, in terms of loading time. For this two states are measured:

1. Time required to load the content that not must be scrolled: Time from requesting a new page by a user to rendering the browser's non-scrolling content.

2. Time required to fully load a page: Time from requesting a new page by a user until the browser completely renders the page.

Google itself gives a guideline of 200 ms (0.2 seconds), which refers to the HTML code required to render the page, which is loaded by the server. This creates the first request for the load time: Reduce the response time of the server. But to have a really good performance, there are many more criteria to consider. We'll list the most important ones for you, and we've created an extra paragraph for "Optimize Images" because Google's documentation is not sufficiently descriptive:


If possible, all images should be optimized for size and data volume (KB) in order to quickly load the corresponding page. But here we have to keep in mind that many new monitors and smartphones need at least twice the length and width (or even x3) to display images in the corresponding level of detail (retina display). The contradiction: Google wants the smallest possible amount of data, with correspondingly exact image sizes, but also a very good user experience for the users, here arises the conflict with the devices that require high-resolution images. The more complex solution is now to provide different images for the different devices, so that the loading times (relative to the device used) are not affected.


There are several hundred ranking factors that affect the placement of a website in the organic search results of the search engines - when we talk about search engines, we mean above all Google as the largest of its kind. What Google now want are websites that have very good results on search queries deliver, with excellent usability and user experience - and loading time is one of the most important factors for the latter two. If an online shop can not offer the required load times, the chance of being in the top ten search results is reduced. As I said, the load time is only one of several very important ranking factors - but if the competition is similarly well positioned then the load time can be decisive.


The load time of a website is not only important for the ranking in the search engines, but above all for usability. Users simply do not want to wait three seconds to see a page, especially not if they want to search or compare products in the online shop. Does not fit the load time, the consumers are on and off or the bad user experience is so strong in the awareness (subconscious), that they do not visit the online shop again. The result: sales and profits decline - in the long run, simply not sustainable.

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