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Open Source ERP

Overview of the advantages

Freddy Czaja

Companies that want to implement a new ERP can have to decide for a open source software or proprietary software. This decision is not easy, because the requirements for the ERP consist of many different components. That's why we want to bring you closer to the benefits of an open source ERP and show you what you should pay particular attention to.

What is Open Source?

Open Source is software whose source code can be viewed, modified and used by third parties.

Please note: The utilization, duplication and processing is not unconditionally permitted, because with the open source software the granting of usage rights is made dependent on certain conditions in many cases. In this way, open source software can be differentiated from public domain software. With the public domain software, the user is allowed to reproduce, distribute and modify it without restrictions and unconditionally. See Wikipedia…

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Advantages open source software


The flexibility in designing the ERP software is one of the most important criteria for companies. New company processes have to be integrated into ERP by customizing (adapting the code) in order to map and control processes. Companies can thus adapt to changing market conditions and remain competitive. This is a clear plus for open source software like Odoo, as customization is one of the biggest strengths.


An open source software offers independence from the manufacturer, even if the manufacturer stops the software development. Companies that use the ERP software can thus further develop and use the ERP. To prevent this from happening, an open source software should have a large community that promotes further development.

Improvement of the software

The continuous development of the ERP core and its modules is important, so that the ERP is constantly improved and stays up-to-date. Here are the driving forces of the manufacturing company, the community and especially also companies that use the open source software.

License costs

With the introduction of open source software companies usually want to save costs. Odoo ERP, for example, offers companies the Odoo Community version in addition to its payment options Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Online. For Odoo Community are no user licenses due and the standard apps are free - although some features are missing.


An active community is the strength of an open source ERP. Software and users benefit from the many thinkers and developers - which leads to a lively exchange of knowledge and thus to further improvements. The community does not just include individuals, but organizations and companies.

Development costs

But manufacturers also benefit from open source software! Development costs can be reduced by working with the community as they make a major contribution to software development. This is independent of the possibility to offer a payment variant of the software, which helps the manufacturer to cover his costs and profit.

Future security

When choosing an ERP, one thing is especially important: it is the future-proofing of the software. It has absolute priority, since above all larger enterprises are dependent on the ERP and missing support or updates can cause high costs - or even endanger the enterprise.

When selecting an ERP, future-proofing should therefore be given a particularly high priority.

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