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INTEGRATION into companies

Odoo Integration

We know what matters when introducing Odoo! Our experienced project managers and Odoo developers implement their requirements very precisely so that their processes are mapped in the ERP. All Odoo workflows, modules and apps are therefore tailored exactly to your company. As a specialized Odoo agency & Odoo partner, we combine conception, implementation and support for full service. 

Odoo Programming

No matter what processes your company has - Odoo can map them! The open source code means independence and can be changed by customization (programming) so that Odoo tailor-made fits. New features, fields, or other enhancements can be added at any time, giving your business a competitive edge. 

Odoo Migration

Die Migration auf eine aktuelle Odoo Version, ist eine der anspruchsvollsten Aufgaben für Odoo Agenturen. Einfach auf den Upgrade-Knopf drücken funktioniert im Bereich ERP nicht. Änderungen innerhalb der Software Architektur müssen durch spezielle Migrationsskripte und individuelles Customizing angepasst werden. Wir können das und setzen Ihre Odoo Migration reibungslos um.



Your business processes can be represented in Odoo as you like it. In the conception phase, we analyze your processes and plan the implementation. After the conception phase the integration by our Odoo Developertakes place in close cooperation with you and the project management. This ensures that requirements are also improved during the ongoing process and are available profitably from the start.


and Design 


The conception phase is divided into analyze, optimize and plan. In the first step, we analyze all business processes and requirements with you. This gives us the opportunity to get to know and understand their business processes - through our experience, we usually see optimization approaches very quickly, which are later incorporated into the implementation. In the next step of planning, we create storyboards that accurately represent your business processes and are the foundation for each Epics and Task. Then a backlog and the taskboard are created to get a rough and fine overview of all tasks. Once this is done, the implementation begins.

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Through the conceptual work of our project managers, our Odoo developers can fully concentrate on their core work - creating great software. Ten Odoo developers and two web designers implement all the requirements in Odoo. The separation of conception and development increases the specialization and improves the effectiveness for our customers. We work with the project management software Jira, which enables an excellent overview and cooperation between project managers, developers and clients even for very large projects. Several programmers can work on a project in parallel, which enables the rapid implementation of an ERP project.


Design sells - Customers decide not only on the basis of facts, but above all emotionally. Design therefore makes a major contribution to the sale of products and services. Good design enhances the user experience and can drive business like online stores to more revenue. We from bloopark, attach great importance to design. That's why we have several graphic designers and web designers in our team who love their work and make our customer projects even better.

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Due to their complex and growing processes, some companies need a scalable ERP that goes far beyond the standard. Complex can mean that there are many unique business processes that can not be mapped in a common ERP. But we can do that - together with Odoo. Especially in Customizingour strength lies. They have special processes, we have ten experienced Odoo developers + project managers!


The main task of enterprise resource planning software is to plan, control and map resources in a timely and demand-oriented manner. The entrepreneurial task is to constantly optimize the value creation process and the operational processes and thus make them more efficient. We take your requirements very seriously and use all our knowledge to make processes even more efficient. 

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Odoo E-Commerce

Odoo has an integrated online shop. This means: instead of three software (online shop, merchandise management, interface), they only need Odoo to run their e-commerce business successfully. Through our years of e-commerce experience with Magento and Odoo, we can also implement very complex online shops and at a high level. 

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We work with the method of agile software development. It makes it possible to implement changed requirements very quickly, without the development coming to a standstill. Agile means that fully functional pieces of software are delivered that are immediately and profitably available to the company. Agile software development makes the whole process of development easier, more flexible and leaner. 

The following values were defined in the so-called "Agile Manifesto 2001" and also stand for our principles:

# People and interactions are about processes and tools. 
# Functioning software is about comprehensive documentation.
# Cooperation with the customer is above the contract negotiation.
# Reacting to change is beyond following a plan.


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